Benchtop Bioreactors   Find the Ideal benchtop bioreactor for your academic, research and development tasks, process characterization and MSAT. Sartorius offers you scalable benchtop solutions for the development of your bioprocess. Whether you perform batch, fedbatch or perfusion processes, Sartorius has a wide range of stirred tank bioreactors and fermenters. ambr® 250 modular BIOSTAT® […]


We supply a wide range of high quality equipment for laboratory, industrial biotechnology, Filtration, Medical instrumentation, Geological, Research, Water and Chemical Products. 1. PALINTEST 2. Pool and Spa 3. Soil, Hydroponics and Irrigation POLEKO 1. Laboratory refrigerators 2. Cooled incubators (ST) 3. BOD incubators 4. Cooled incubators (IL) 5. Laboratory incubators 6. Peltier-cooled incubators 7. […]


We supply a wide range of safety appliances providing operator, environmental and product protection. We also offer  remarkable  laboratory furniture with regard to mechanical resistance. There is a wide selection of standard frames, cupboards, panels and worktops, including customized solutions. Faster S.R.L 1. Microbiological safety cabinets(Clsass I, Class II, and Class III). 2. Laminar Airflow […]

Microbiological Analysis

Microbial Enumeration Sterility Testing Air Monitoring Microbial Enumeration   Trust the experts and benefit from a wide range of dedicated products for microbial limit testing, and more. Learn More.. Sterility Testing Take advantage of innovative solutions in design and ergonomics, and enhance performance of sterility testing by membrane filtration. Learn More.. Air Monitoring Find all […]

Calibration Services

Calibration Frequently Asked Questions What is a Calibration? A calibration is a procedure in which an instrument is tested to make sure it conforms to a recognised standard and is used to verify the accuracy of an instrument. It is the process of checking, by comparison with a standard, the accuracy of a measuring instrument […]