We supply a wide range of safety appliances providing operator, environmental and product protection. We also offer  remarkable  laboratory furniture with regard to mechanical resistance. There is a wide selection of standard frames, cupboards, panels and worktops, including customized solutions.

Faster S.R.L

1. Microbiological safety cabinets(Clsass I, Class II, and Class III).

2. Laminar Airflow Cabinets.

3. Ultra-low Freezers

4. Cytotoxic Solutions

5. Special Cabinets

6. Customizations and bespoke units

7. Industrial Systems

8. Isolators


1. Hand-held Eye Showers

2. Eye Showers

3. Tank Eyewash Stations

4. Lab Safety Showers

5. Industrial Safety Showers

6. Tank Safety Showers

7. Decontamination Showers

Pol-eko-Aparatura  sp.j.

1. Compact Lab furniture

2. Fume hoods

3. Compact Lab designing(Projects)