Benchtop Bioreactors   Find the Ideal benchtop bioreactor for your academic, research and development tasks, process characterization and MSAT. Sartorius offers you scalable benchtop solutions for the development of your bioprocess. Whether you perform batch, fedbatch or perfusion processes, Sartorius has a wide range of stirred tank bioreactors and fermenters. ambr® 250 modular BIOSTAT® […]

Our Unique Approach

Ever since its inception, DLA Scientific Ltd has spearheaded the development and application of Life and Analytical Science in various industries across the East and Central African Region. Partnering some of the leading technology providers in the world, DLA Scientific Ltd provides cutting-edge products, services and technological solutions that enable innovative detection, imaging and informatics

Leadership Development

DLA boasts of a streamlined network of dedicated and dynamic professionals who are highly trained and qualified to meet international standards, equipped to run with a  project from its conception and consultation stage, right up to engineering, implementation, maintaining and enhancing of systems and processes